a message from Aidan Hughes

My Thank You extends far and wide but I feel I must start at home – my wife & boys put up with more than any family should have to so firstly to them “Thank You”  !

Then on to my campaign team – T J, Bernie and the 2 Bridies. Their contribution was enormous. From the very first day BP asked would I run for mayor and Bridie proposed me. They rowed that boat to the line.

To Martin & Padraig (aka MJ) – Thank You. And to PJ, the heartiest congratulations

Not all my team were named nor will they be as i don’t think there is enough space on this screen or indeed enough ink in my printer but to you Thank You all very much. To all the staff in the Resource Centre I also extend a great deal off thanks. Firstly the impartial way they ran all matters and then for their overall friendship and co operation

Lastly and by no means least, to all the parishioners and everyone who cast a vote.


Aidan Hughes

Deputy Mayor of Moylough.

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